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2017-2018 Season




Opening This February,

a Wilsonville First, The National Premier of

Beyond the Dark

A Childhood Memoir

Anchored in the present but looking back to the  1960s, Beyond the Dark is a theatrical memoir about young Mary Zoe’s desperate struggle to escape her charismatic but abusive mother, Zodie. Trapped in her mother’s horrifying world of addictions, violence and delusional fantasies and abandoned by social services, 11-year-old Mary Zoe sets out to find a home with a family who will give her the love and security she so desperately needs,

but her mother has a different end in mind.

This one women show, based on Niklas' book Driving in the Dark, was written by Zoe Niklas and developed with collaboration from Terry D. Kester, the Artistic Director of Wilsonville Stage.


February 15,16,17 2018 : Charbonneau Club House

What You Missed...

2016-2017 Season





Naked Darrow

Written and Starring Gary Anderson


Praise for NAKED DARROW and Gary Anderson

Naked Darrow is a provocative look at our most hated and revered attorney, Clarence Darrow, as his great mind slips away.

Darrow was best known for defending killers Leopold and Loeb and for defending the science teacher in the Monkey Trial. Now Darrow reveals his very private life, his trials, his personal demons and his jury-tampering charges. Personally reckless and professionally fearless, he now stubbornly faces his two greatest opponents: disease and death. Knowing the odds were against him to the end, he remained Clarence Darrow . . . an American Iconoclast.

 Gary L. Anderson has his work characterized in newspapers across the country as “Anderson’s Darrow is in the same league as Holbrook’s Mark Twain.” He is the CEO of the Clarence Darrow Foundation, and a member of the Screen Actors Guild. An award-winning stage actor, he has appeared in several television series and as Darrow in the documentary, Assassination: Idaho’s Trial of the Century airing annually on PBS. 

Gary Anderson deserves his place in New York theatrical history, for his not-to-be-missed work of theater – Naked Darrow. This is a special play that will leave a lasting impression, one, like Darrow, that will not be easily forgotten..…                                                                                Kelly Aliano, New York Theatre Wire

'Naked Darrow is a delight. It captures Darrow in all his depth and complexity, and makes his wisdom meaningful for today. There is no better performance about the Attorney for the Damned than Anderson’s Darrow.'…                                                                                       Edward Larson – Pulitzer Prize Winning author of: Summer for the Gods  

Anderson’s solo show, Naked Darrow, conjures a man brimming with accomplishment but harried by his own demons. This production focuses squarely on the aspects of Darrow that are most problematic. It’s a warts-and-all portrait compelling in its Complexity and its humanity…  Lisa Brock Minneapolis Star


The Laramie Project

By Moises Kaufman + Tectonic Theater

Directed by Terry Kester


WilsonvilleSTAGE presents THE LARAMIE PROJECT,  Feb. 16- March 4.   A play about the 1998 brutal “hate murder” of Mathew Shepardin Laramie-WY.  Author-Artistic Director, Moises Kaufman, + members of NYC Tectonic Theater, went to Laramie to interview 200 citizens, thus creating this poignant, powerful play. A play that reveals the consequences when we stoop tohate one another.  Hate, such as in our state, as we led America with the highest per capita hate incidents in the 10 days after the election -- in America over 3,900 incidents.

Reviews of The Laramie Project:

THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE.  A bracing wholly or original and deeply affecting piece of theater. It radiates integrity, an aching collective need to understand in comprehensible events.  It portrays an American town with grace, truth, theatrical economy, compassion, wit, despair and love.  It proves that theater can serve as witness to our deeds.  It's we who must answer one by one, for what we all create and what we destroy.

NEW YORK MAGAZINE.  The Laramie Project is a terrific piece of theater, history, and life ... There emerges a mosaic as moving and important as any you will see on the walls of the churches of the world...  You should not miss a theatrical and human event that deserves standing up for, with applause, or better yet, silently, taking an important lesson profoundly to heart.  


The Cemetery Club

by Ivan Menchell

Directed by Terry D Kester


Three distinctly different widows, Ida, Lucille, and Doris, meet monthly to have their tea and then to venture to their local cemetery to visit their departed husband’s graves. Their friendship is everything from tender to hilarious . . . until . . . Sam, a widower, the local butcher, arrives to morn his “ex” . . . and perhaps to find a new romance. From this moment on everything escalates as we move from devoted friendship to romance competition between the ladies -- all leading to a very touching end.

Chapter Two

by Neil Simon

Directed by Dave DeHart


Recent widower, George Schneider, is encouraged by his younger brother Leo to start dating again, which sends George into even deeper depression after a series of bad matches. Then, Leo comes up with Jennie Malone and she's a keeper. Still, it is a bumpy trip on the road to Dreamland for these not-so-young lovers. George and Jennie stumble on, overcoming both their hesitation on the rebound and emotional neediness. In a hilarious, farcical subplot, Leo has a fling with Faye, Jennie's neurotic married friend.